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Boeing 757 Freighter Conversion

Boeing 757-200 Special Freighter

Only 80 Boeing 757-200 Package Freighters were built namely for UPS, but a few other operators. These Package Freighters were factory built from the 757 production line. Other freighters were made available known as the Boeing 757-200 Special Freighter converted by Boeing with the first Special Freighter for DHL in 2001 which were a conversion from passenger aircraft.

Precisions Conversion LLC

Cargo Lease Capital Inc. has identified Precisions Conversions LLC as the leading freighter conversion company for the Boeing 757-200 passenger to freighter conversions. On June 3rd 2005, Precision Conversions received STC approval for the Precision Converted Freighter (PCF) and to date, Precision Conversions has converted 21 aircraft for many operators including Blue Dart (DHL), Capital Cargo International Airlines, CargoJet, Gestair, Icelandair Cargo, and Varig Log.

Cargo Lease Capital

Cargo Lease Capital’s core business model is to acquire passenger Boeing 757-200 aircraft and convert to freighter configuration using the Precision Conversions STC offering 15 full pallet positions and up to 80,000 lbs gross structural payload depending on aircraft line number and engine manufacturer.

After freighter conversion, the Boeing 757-200 PCF aircraft are available for long-term operating leases to airlines and operators worldwide.

Boeing estimates that up to 400 Boeing 757-200 aircraft will be converted to Freighters over the next 15 years. In January 2007, Federal Express announced plans to convert 87 passenger Boeing 757-200s to freighters from 2008 to 2016. Approximately 45 passenger aircraft have been sourced and acquired by Federal Express in forward sale arrangements for conversion.

The Boeing 757-200 PCF
  • 15 Pallet Positions ( 88 x 125 )

  • Up to 80,000 lbs Gross Structural Payload

  • 6,600 Cubic Feet Main Deck Volume and 1,758 Cubic Feet Belly Volume

  • 8,358 Cubic Feet Total Cargo Volume

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