Country of origin for Boeing 757 is United States of America. It is a Medium range narrow body airliner. It is designed for transcontinental routes where it competes with the rival Airbus A320 family.

Aircraft Leasing

Cargo Lease Capital acquires and converts Boeing 757-200 to freighter aircraft adding substantial service life and residual value to its portfolio.

Range and Fuel Efficiency

Our management team brings over 100 years of aviation and investment experience to Cargo Lease Capital. Unlike other aircraft leasing companies, our focus and strategy is based on one aircraft type. No other narrow body aircraft type offers the payload, range and fuel efficiency as the B-757.

Cargo Lease Capital

With increasing fuel prices and aging freighter fleets, Cargo Lease Capital has identified the 757 as the right aircraft for many operators on a global scale. Furthermore, the 757 is known by airlines around the globe for its reliability providing on-time performance in the competitive air cargo marketplace.