Engine 757-200

757-200 has two engines. Many engine type options are available. Either 166.4kN Rolls Royce RB211-535C turbofans, or 178.8kN (40,200lb) RB211-535E4s Pratt & Whitney PW2037s etc are used.

Speed 757-200

757-200 has a Max speed of Mach 914km/h which makes it quite fast in commercial flights. 757-200 has a cruising speed of 850km/h. 757-200 has a maximum range of 5053km.

Weight 757-200

Range varies with engines, fuel and weight options. 757-200 while operating empty has a weight of 275,000kg and has a maximum weight of 99,790kg. 757-200 has a Wing span of 38.05m and a wing area of 185.3meter square. It is 47.32m. It has a height of 13.56m. 757-200 is operated able by two pilots.


There are different seating arrangements. In two class arrangement 202-208 passengers can be accommodated and in single class 214 – 239 passengers can be seated. It has a fuel capacity of 11,275 kg in internal compartments.